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SQS steam-water mixer

The company's products cover petrochemical, oil refining, and offshore oil companies affiliated to Sinopec Group Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. It has a large number of customers in steel, food, medicine, environmental protection, electric power, coal chemical and other industries.


Static Mixer Series

1. Product Characteristics

SQS series steam-water mixer is a new energy-saving and environmental protection product. It uses steam and water to heat water directly. It has the characteristics of low noise, no vibration, high heat exchange efficiency and energy saving. It is widely used in domestic and production hot water heating and thermal deaeration systems. The heater mainly consists of nozzle, shell, mesh plate and gasket. When heated water passes through a Lall-shaped nozzle, steam sprays into the water from the outside of the nozzle through many oblique orifices on the wall of the nozzle. The two mix well instantaneously in high-speed flow to achieve the purpose of heating.

For different types of heaters, at rated flow rate, the steam required to heat hot water at different temperatures can be calculated by the following formula: D0 = D1C1 (T2-T1)/(i''0-C2T2)= D1 (qT2-qT1)/(i'-Ct2)

In the formula: D1 - rated flow rate (t/h) C1 - specific heat of water at T1 temperature (kJ/kg. C)

D0 - required vapor volume (t/h) C2 - specific heat of water at T 2 temperature (kJ/kg. C)

T2 - Water temperature after heating () T1 - Water temperature into heater ()

I''0 - Enthalpy of saturated steam entering heater at pressure P0 (KJ/Kg)


2. Product Model

Model SQS-
4 6 8 10 12 16 20 24I 24Ⅱ 32 40 48
Installation dimension A 105 130 220 450
B 105 130 170 300
L 240 360 660 1200
Water side connection flange DN 40 65 125 250
D1 110 145 210 355
D 145 180 245 405
N×Φ 4×18 4×18 8×18 12×22
Steam side connection flange DN 40 65 125 250
D1 110 145 210 355
D 145 180 245 405
N×Φ 4×18 4×18 8×18 12×22


3. Product uses

It is used in hot water heating system as heating equipment instead of plate heat exchanger.

It is used for heating hot water in bathroom and feeding it into water tank instead of direct heating of high noise and strong vibration steam in water tank.

Preheat soft water for deaerator.

Used for water-water heat transfer.

If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can call our after-sales service hotline at any time.




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