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SH static mixer

The company's products cover petrochemical, oil refining, and offshore oil companies affiliated to Sinopec Group Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. It has a large number of customers in steel, food, medicine, environmental protection, electric power, coal chemical and other industries.


Static Mixer Series

1. Product Characteristics

The unit is composed of two channels. Spiral plates are placed in the channels. The orientations of the two channels of the adjacent units are perpendicular to each other, and there is a fluid redistribution chamber between the units. The technical characteristics are as follows: the highest dispersion is 1-2um, and the liquid-liquid heterogeneity is:SH static mixer.


2. Product Type

We have successfully developed SH static mixers of various specifications for DN15~DN500, with the processing capacity ranging from 0.1m3/h to 348m3/h. It is suitable for mixing, emulsifying, color matching, injection spinning, heat transfer and other processes in fine processing, plastics, synthetic fibers, mining and metallurgical sectors. It is especially suitable for clean media with low flow rate and high mixing requirement of medium and high viscosity < 106 CP. It is suitable for mixing process of various low, medium and high pressure equipments.

Model specification DN dh Q
SH-3/15 15 3 0.1-0.2
SH-4.5/20 20 4.5 0.2-0.4
SH-5/25 25 5 0.5-1.1
SH-7/32 32 7 0.9-1.8
SH-9/40 40 9 1.6-3.2
SH-12/50 50 12 2.3-4.6


Model specification DN dh Q
SH-19/80 80 19 4.0-8.0
SH-24/100 100 24 6.5-13.0
SH-36/150 150 36 31-63
SH-49/200 200 49 54-108
SH-74/300 300 74 124-248
SH-124/500 500 124 174-348

Note: The size of flange at both ends is enlarged by one gear according to the product diameter.


3. Application Domain

(1) Acrylonitrile-Amine Mixing (2) Polymer Mixing, Colour Matching and Heat Transfer

If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can call our after-sales service hotline at any time.




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