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SL static mixer

The company's products cover petrochemical, oil refining, and offshore oil companies affiliated to Sinopec Group Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. It has a large number of customers in steel, food, medicine, environmental protection, electric power, coal chemical and other industries.


Static Mixer Series

1. Product Characteristics

The unit is a single X-shaped unit composed of crossed strips according to certain rules. Its technical characteristics are liquid-liquid and liquid-solid mixing inhomogeneity coefficients:SL static mixer.


2. Product Model

We have successfully developed various SL static mixers of different specifications for DN25~DN600, with the processing capacity ranging from 0.7m3/h to 814m3/h. It is suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, grease and other industries. Its viscosity is less than 106 CP or is mixed with polymer medium. It also carries out unit operations such as heat transfer, mixing and heat transfer heat exchanger, heating or cooling viscous products.

Model specification DN dh Q
SL-12.5/25 25 12.5 0.7-1.4
SL-16/32 32 16 1.4-2.9
SL-20/40 40 20 2.3-4.6
SL-25/50 50 25 3.5-7
SL-40/80 80 40 9-18
SL-50/100 100 50 14-28
SL-75/150 150 75 32-64


型号规格 DN dh Q
SL-100/200 200 100 56-110
SL-125/250 250 125 88-176
SL-150/300 300 150 127-255
SL-175/350 350 175 173-346
SL-200/400 400 200 226-452
SL-250/500 500 250 353-706
SL-300/600 600 300 410-814



  (1)污水处理 (2)高聚合物混合 (3)传热反应 (4)热交换器

If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can call our after-sales service hotline at any time.




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