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SX static mixer

The company's products cover petrochemical, oil refining, and offshore oil companies affiliated to Sinopec Group Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. It has a large number of customers in steel, food, medicine, environmental protection, electric power, coal chemical and other industries.


Static Mixer Series

1. Product Characteristics

Units consist of intersecting strips and form many X-type units according to certain rules. Technical characteristics: the coefficient of mixing inhomogeneity is as follows:SX static mixer.


2. Product Model

We have developed various SX static mixers with different specifications for DN50~DN500, and their processing capacity ranges from 3.5m3/h to 706m3/h. It is suitable for medium and high viscous liquid-liquid reaction, mixing, absorption process or mixing and reaction process of producing high polymer logistics with viscosities less than 104cp. It has better effect when the amount of treatment is large. It is suitable for mixing process of various low, medium and high pressure equipments.

Model specification DN dh Q
SX-12.5/50 50 12.5 3.5-7.0
SX-16.25/65 65 16.25 16.25
SX-20/80 80 20 20
SX-25/100 100 25 25
SX-31.25/125 125 31.25 31.25
SX-37.5/150 150 37.5 37.5


Model specification DN dh Q
SX-50/200 200 50 56-110
SX-62.5/250 250 62.5 88-176
SX-75/300 300 75 125-250
SX-87.5/350 350 87.5 173-346
SX-100/400 400 100 226-452
SX-125/500 500 125 353-706


3. Applications

Chlorination bleaching of high polymer mixed light ketone-benzol dewaxing oil pulp and alkali injection of crude oil.

If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can call our after-sales service hotline at any time.




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