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Qidong Mixer Plant Co., Ltd. situates in the coastal open city on the north bank of Yangtze entrance---Qidong City in Jiangsu. It is on the other side of Yangtze River, seeing Shanghai and its Pudong development zone face to face, which is unique in its location advantage.
Qidong Mixer Plant Co., Ltd. experienced an overall reform from the previous state-run Qidong Mixer Factory. It belongs to a state-run medium-sized enterprise and was entitled as high and new-technology industry in Jiangsu, contract-abiding and punctual enterprise in Jiangsu, Chinese Patent enterprise top 100 in Jiangsu, key enterprise in Jiangsu Spark technology-intensive district and fixed point enterprise of China Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd and China Petrol and Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd. Our company is qualified for the first and second class pressure vessel production as well as self-support importing and exporting. Moreover, we are the main compiling and formulating unit of national trade standard of static mixer, filter, and mixer and so on.  
Qidong Mixer Plant Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional enterprises in our country in the development and production of mixing, separation and filter equipments. With its powerful technical force, advanced processing equipments and complete detection devices, the company has a scale production of 30000 sets mixing, separation and filter equipments annually. It mainly produces more than 10 types, 50 series and 3000 specs high and new technology products including the static mixer of seven series---SK 、 SV 、 SH 、 SL 、 SX 、 JH 、 SQS and the JG series polishing filter, SBY series filter for pump use, SBL series basket filter, highly-effective online amine-liquor filter set, DL series single spiral infusion-type mixer, WZ series zero gravity particle mixer, new type structured packing, steam desuperheater, sight glass and flame arrester and so on. Among the products, more than 30 have been labeled in the national Torch and Spark Program, national new products and patent.
The mixing, separation and filter equipments produced by the Qidong Mixer Co., Ltd are applicable for the petroleum, chemical engineering, medicine, pesticide, dye, food, plastic, paper-making, environment-protection and mining departments in their liquor to liquor, liquor to solid, liquor to gas and gas to gas mixing process as well as absorption, extraction, reaction and intensive heat transferring process. Our products are well sold in 29 provinces and cities all over the country, exported to the international market with top production and sales performance and won remarkable social and economic profits. All the achievements enabled us to become the key enterprise in the production of mixing, separation and filter equipments in our country.
Our company will move forward and innovate ceaselessly to provide our customers will first-class products and top service. Welcome all customers and research and designing departments to join us in our cooperation!